Golden Healer Tumbled Stone

Golden Healer Tumbled Stone

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Golden Healer - Multidimensional Healing.

These Absolutely Amazing Golden Healer Tumbled Stones are really large at approx 3cm in size approx.

Tumbled Stones are Lovely Crystals as you tend to Touch & Stoke them.  With all Crystals the more you touch & hold them the more you are allowing the crystal’s energies to work with you.  

Healing Properties of Golden Healer.

Golden Healer its name suggest this lovely Crystal activates Healing on all levels. A lovely Crystal to place in a room to create a Healing Sanctuary to immerse yourself in.
It raises your Vibration acting as a catalyst for Spiritual Growth & helps you to find your life purpose on Earth. A Calming & Nurturing Crystal which helps to release Anger & Resentment allowing you Enlightenment as you move

When we choose Your Golden Healer we will link in with our Angels & ask to be Guided to choose the Best Piece for You. The colours are as close as possible to the Actual Colours but pieces will vary as all are individual.  The measurements are as accurate as possible. This is a natural gemstone so they may contain natural imperfections.