Do you offer Free Shipping?
We offer Free Shipping within the UK for all orders £75

Once I place my order how long does it take for you to dispatch it to me?
We try to ship orders out as quickly as possible.  Usually orders are shipped out on the same or the next working day.

Do you except order from countries outside of the UK?
Yes we ship worldwide.

Does your chat box connect to Bot or a actual Person?
Our chat feature connects directly to us at Shooting Star so you get to speak with a person who can help.
Please note there may be times if we are extremely busy it may take longer to return your chat.

Do you have a shop I can visit?
We are mainly online.  But we do have a pop up shops so Follow us on Facebook for details of of our pop up events.

Will your Silver Jewellery Tarnish?
All Silver Jewellery will with time tarnish.   Silver Tarnishes because 925 Silver is an alloy of silver with small quantities of base metals so the chemical make-up of silver means it can be prone to Tarnishing.  Tarnish will appear slowly over time as it is exposed to air & moisture etc which is how the chemical reaction starts to begins. 

Our Chains are Anti Tarnish so will delay the process and we offer Amazing Silver Jewellery Wipes which will bring tarnished jewellery back to life and sparkling like new again. 


What is 925 Silver / Sterling Silver?
925 Silver / Sterling Silver is a minimum of 92.5% Silver mixed with 7.5% other base metals to give it strength & durability.  Hence the name 925 Silver.

Is your Silver Jewellery Real Silver or Silver Plated?
All our Silver Jewellery is 925 Silver also known as Sterling Silver.

Is your Jewellery Nickel & Lead Free?
Yes we can confirm all our Jewellery is both Nickel & Lead Free.

Does your Silver Jewellery have Hallmarks?
We are registered with the Sheffield Assay Office & have tested products to ensure their purity.  Only items of Jewellery containing more than 7.78 grams of silver need a Hallmark.  As our items of Silver Jewellery contains less than 7.78 grams of Silver they do not require a Hallmark.  However they do carry the 925 Silver Stamp where there is room to include one.  It is not a requirement for them to carry the 925 stamp but it does give you the customer confidence which is why we supply them.

Is your Blue Opal Jewellery real Blue Opal?
Our Blue Opal Jewellery is Laboratory created making it affordable for all whilst still retaining the same properties as Natural Blue Opal and making it sustainable. This removes the need of mining ensuring it is kinder to our planet thus removing any ethical concerns.

Are all your products Ethically sourced?

Yes  we have good business ethics & all our Products are ethically sourced. This includes a fair wage and good working conditions for all who work in our supply chain.  We work hard to care for the planet and have put into place Green Goals ensuring we recycle all our packaging and reducing our plastic use.