Ethics & Sustainability

We all wish to live in a Sustainable & Ethical world.
A world where everyone cares about their impact on the environment and the conditions of those living & working around them. If each person & each business takes responsibility for their own impact on the world we would all make a difference and the world would indeed be a better place.
Luckily it is not too late & we can all make a difference by taking care of the impact we have on the people and world around us.
At Shooting Star Cornwall all the team try to ensure we conduct our business & our personal lives as far as we can in a compliant and ethical way and take into account our impact economically, socially, environmentally & with respect to human rights.
It is because we take these commitments seriously we have introduced Goals and taken steps to become a better & more sustainable and ethical company.
We ensure all our Products are ethically sourced. This includes a fair wage and good working conditions for all who work in our supply chain.
We work hard to care for the planet and have in place Green Goals ensuring we recycle all our packaging and have reduced our plastic use.
All bubble wrap we purchase has a minimum of 30% recycled & we reuse it when ever possible also encouraging our customers to do likewise.
We use Cardboard Boxes for Shipping also recycling any we receive as well as packing all our Jewellery in Eco Friendly Display Boxes & Gift Bags which carry, the Eco Friendly Logo.
We have recycle tubs and bins around the shop ensuring everything is Recycled and reused and reducing our waste to almost zero.