Amazonite Tumbled Stone

Amazonite Tumbled Stone

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Amazonite Tumbled Stone - Crystal of Hope

This Amazonite Tumbled Stone is Triple A Grade so has Beautiful Markings & Colour.  They are nice large Tumbled pieces at approx 2.5cm to 3cm.

Tumbled Stones are Lovely Crystals as you tend to Touch & Stoke them.  With all Crystals the more you touch & hold them the more you are allowing the crystal’s energies to work with you.  

Healing Properties of Amazonite.

Amazonite is known as the Crystal of Hope,  allowing you to find the inner Strength to make Positive Change & achieve your Goals.  It is a Crystal with a Powerful ability to Filter. On a Mental Level it helps you to filter information combining it with the intuition. Calms the Brain & Nervous System. Helps to Balance the many aspects of a person & Allows you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. On a Physical Level it absorbs Negative Energies from Computers, Phones, & can be used to Block Geopathic Stress.

When we choose Your Amazonite we will link in with our Angels & ask to be Guided to choose the Best Piece for You. The colours are as close as possible to the Actual Colours but pieces will vary as all are individual.  The measurements are as accurate as possible. This is a natural gemstone so they may contain natural imperfections.