Beginners Guide to working with Crystals

A simple guide to introduce you to Crystals and share how opening up to the world of Crystals can enrich your life.

Are you fascinated by the Crystals & their therapeutic properties?  Do you wish you knew where to start, how to open up to and unlock their Healing potential. 

Well look no further because together we are going to begin to explore how to work with them and learn simple practices to grow your crystal knowledge.


First let me introduce you to what Crystals are.

There are so many different Crystals coming in many differing shapes and sizes in an array of spectacular colours.  They are a solid material which has formed by atoms which have arranged in an exact & precise pattern to form any said crystal.  Every Crystal has its own energy & even two Amethyst or Rose Quartz crystals will then each have their own energy so choosing the right crystal is all important.

Help with how to Choose the right Crystal

As we mentioned Crystals come in many colours, forms, shapes & sizes. But the good news is it is actually really simple to choose the right one for you. 

It can literally be as simple as looking at lots of crystals and see which one your drawn to. 

Or perhaps you may prefer to look up the different healing properties of several crystals then choose the one which seems to be most relevant for you at this time. 

But one thing is for sure you more you work with choosing crystals the easier it becomes and as you expand your knowledge you will start to also pick up your own techniques.

Where to begin on your Crystal Journey

So the best place to begin on this journey is to look at what you want to work with on yourself and how you wish to improve any aspects within your life. 

Once you know that you can then start looking up the Healing Properties of various crystals. On our Website Shooting Star Cornwall we give a description & the healing properties for each crystal listed, so it may help you to choose which one would work best for you.  We are happy for you to message us through our chat if you need help & advice.

The more you interact & touch crystals the more you are allowing their energies to interact with yours to provide their valuable healing, grounding & calming effects. 

You can pop them in a pocket as you will automatically find your self handling them.  Or for ladies maybe your bra so they are in direct contact with your skin.

You can also introduce Crystal into your life by wearing a piece of crystal jewellery or simply by placing crystals around your home.


Suggestions on how to choose crystals

You can take yourself off to any crystal outlet and pick up and hold various crystals. But before you start focus on your breathing take a few deep breaths in & out to relax. On the in breath, feel it energizing and cleansing you and on the out breath let go of any negativity.

Now you are ready to begin.  As you work and choose your crystals, it maybe because you think looks nice or you are just drawn to it but do not know why. Just bring the crystal towards your heart and literally see how it feels. 

You may experience one getting hotter than another, or one just feels nice and comforting, continue doing this with several crystal each time removing any you feel do not feel quite as good as the previous until you have whittled it down to one or two - They would be the right crystals for you. 

You can even practice this without visiting a physical shop. Just looking at crystals online to see what your drawn to, but be sure it is a reputable website.

In this instance you look at various crystals, then pick one, imagine you are holding it close to your heart - how does it feel. Again try it with a different crystals you felt drawn to. Use an elimination process, so if one feels better than the another you can slowly rule some out until you find one or two which will just feel right.

How to pick the right Crystal for other people.

If you are choosing crystals for other people it is important that you choose the right one for them and not pick what you are drawn to as it may be for you. 

So again focus on your breathing take a few deep breaths in & out, on the in breath feel it energizing & cleansing you, on the out breath let go of any negativity.

Now you are ready to begin so you can think of the person you wish to choose crystals for and you will be looking for them.  You can also ask your Angels, Guides or Helpers to help you choose the right Crystal for them.

How Crystal Healing Works

Crystal healing balances energy within the physical & subtle bodies as well as the energy around you.  As we discussed earlier each crystal does have different healing properties. They may work by reducing stress & anxiety, protecting you from negative energies.  Some work well with the physical parts of your body, whilst some work with your emotional side or your self worth, self confidence etc. 

They promote all round well being & help you de-stress, feel confident & to relax.

Once you start on this journey you also become more mindful of working on and caring for yourself so enhancing even more positive transformations. 

Don't forget to Cleanse & Charge your Crystals

You need to remember when you are working with Crystals they are working on helping and healing you so they pick up negative energy & need to be cleansed.  Imagine your cleaning the sides in a room, you know as you clean, you need to rinse the cleaning cloth as the more you clean dirtier the cloth gets. 

Well guess what Crystals are absorbing any negativity and healing you so like wise they can get very clogged up and in need of a cleanse.  An easy way to cleanse them is to run them under running water.  If you are lucky enough to live near or visit water falls, place them at the foot of the waterfall & let the lovely fresh water of the falls cascade over them to get cleansed and super charged. 

Sunlight is also a very powerful cleanser so you can pop them outside, just leave them in the sunlight for a few hours, it will also charge them. If you put them outside on a full moon this will cleanse and super charge them.

Do you have an Amethyst Bed? Amethyst beds / Amethyst Geodes naturally cleanse your crystals so pop the crystals on top of the amethyst & leave overnight. Note: Do not forget to also cleanse the Amethyst Beds every so often.

Smudging is another cleansing method too, but this is something we will cover fully at another time as there is much to learn around it.


The most important thing about exploring the amazing world of crystals & crystal healing is to embrace it, practice by exploring them for yourself & Enjoy your Crystal Journey.

Learn about the different crystal properties by reading up on them, but also remember this is only the views of the author so the more you read up the more you may find conflicting ideas & opinions. In these instances go by what feels right to you.

Start to work with crystals yourself by introducing them into your life.  You will soon get a good feel of what they do & how they work for you.  Never forget our intuition is one of our most valuable tools so learn to trust it, listen to your gut feelings and watch yourself grow. 

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